Parent Permission: As Parent/Guardian for below student, I authorize Crosslake Christian A/G and its representatives to transport my student for Minnesota Youth Convention and any associated activities. I also authorize Crosslake Christian A/G and its representatives to seek and consent to any necessary emergency medical attention for my student as needed and understand that I will be held liable for any costs incurred with such medical attention. I have also disclosed any necessary allergies and medical information in the form below. Additionally, my student has read, understands, and agrees to the Student Agreement.

Student Agreement: I have read and agree to abide by the following convention rules.

  • Damages or theft of items in rooms of the hotel will be billed to the offending registrant.

  • Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is forbidden and are grounds for dismissal from the convention without refund.

  • Guys and girls are housed separately. To make sure there is no confusion about this, no one is to enter the room of a member of the opposite sex for any reason.

  • We do not want practical jokes or jokes directed against another person. We urge all conventioneers to behave themselves with respect and dignity while having a GREAT TIME!

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